Tuesday 22 May 2012

Tata: master of the gentle approach

Some cracking quotes in this businessweek.com article on Tata’s approach to takeover & mergers – a very strong contrast to the Kraft approach which we heard from the presentation at RGS. Just a few of the quotes which appealed to me were:

"Tata: master of the gentle approach"

"The Indian giant has found a way to acquire companies across the globe—and still tread lightly"

"More strategic partner than vulture capitalist"

"In all its deals, Tata has been careful to signal its respect for workers"

"It chooses its targets carefully" (due diligence)

"Tata is unusual in that it hasn't laid off any workers or shuttered any facilities following its overseas acquisitions (though it has had layoffs at home in the past decade)"

"Tata buys companies overseas not to reduce costs but to improve [its own] capabilities"

"With its overseas acquisitions, Tata typically leaves executives in place……. allows Tata to stay focused on bigger strategic issues"

You can read the full article here:


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