Wednesday 16 May 2012

A bit of personal research here. I had an appointment at the local Halifax branch in Tewkesbury High Street last week and asked the financial advisor what had been the biggest change for him following the merger (bullet point 5 - impact and reaction of stakeholders….). He said the biggest change had been to their computer based administrative systems. He explained that these had not been phased in but had been introduced in a “big bang” on 12 September 2011. He explained how lots of Lloyds’ staff had come over to the Halifax branches at that time to help Halifax staff with any difficulties. All Halifax staff were given workbooks and computer based training and had two days off the job training – a hugely impressive investment in staff training to make it work. Without doubt the transfer of 38 million customers onto a single administrative platform (and the way Lloyds Banking Group got the Halifax staff engaged with this process) is an impressive example of managing change. One you could use for quite a few of the bullet points (e.g. bullet point 2 – the problems of M&T, bullet point 3 - the factors influencing the success of M&T etc.)

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