Monday 9 April 2012

Finding "wow examples"

There is a very good section on tutor2u where you can get a list of mergers and acquisitions with associated links to a relevant news article (many of these news items, but not all of them, appear to be BBC articles). This list could be helpful to you when you are looking for one more “wow” example to support your argument in an essay.  

However, remember knowing a few “wow” examples in real depth is far better than having a scattergun and shallow knowledge of dozens of examples. With this in mind, I would particularly recommend that you have a glance at the article on the United Airlines / Continental Airlines merger of 2010 as this supports the work we have done on IAG. Awareness that there is a trend within the airline industry of consolidation is important in any discussion of the various mergers which IAG has been involved in.

Link to airline merger article:

Link to full list of mergers and takeovers:

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