Wednesday 29 January 2014

Structuring a wow paragraph

In a wow paragraph you need data (economic and/or demographic), examples (compared and contrasted), business studies theory and some evaluation. Here is an example format for you:

 One of the opportunities offered by the Chinese market is the sheer size of the market (over 1.3 billion people) and an economy still growing at a considerable rate compared with most western economies (China had a 7.7% growth rate for 2013). In terms of Ansoff’s matrix China provides an opportunity for companies to pursue a strategy of market development. If we look at one specific sector of the Chinese economy, China’s luxury goods/car/supermarket sector is worth $*****  per year and is growing at X%. Company X has been able to take advantage of this growth in the market, and has pursued a strategy of differentiation in the Chinese market to great success. The specific USP which has appealed to Chinese consumers of Company X is ………………….. Consequently their results in China have been   …………………(DATA).  By contrast Company Y, seeking to compete in the same sector as Company X has been less successful as shown by its results  …….. (DATA)  The key reason for Company Y’s failure to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Chinese market is …………..(ANALYSIS)  Overall the key point which the performance of company X and Company Y tells me in relation to the question asked is (EVALUATE – EMPHASISE WHAT YOU SEE AS THE KEY POINT)

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